Web Design &

IT Law Specialist

Research & Analysis

Is an indispensable process to define the objectives and find the most suitable solutions.

Custom Solutions

There are no simple solutions to complex problems, but that’s what we do, we find the solution for you.

Develop & Fix

We develop and then we are (reasonably) certain that everything works for the business.


Who We Are

We are an eclectic group of technological innovation professionals.

Our Vision

Web3 technology will drastically change the current concept of the internet, we guide you in the right direction.

Our Mission

Decentralization of data is a disruptive force that will shake the foundations of our digital world, it carries within it the promise of radical change. The future of the web, once released from centralization, will start an era of liberation and empowerment.


here we go

Law graduate and blockchain specialist. Enthusiastic about new technologies, I trust in the disruptive power of the blockchain.

Laura Bassano

Co-founder – Blockchain Legal Specialist

Web&Graphic designer, passionate about beauty, colors and things that work and enhance the user experience.

Raffaella Brugnini

Co-founder – Web Designer